Our mission is to design and deliver business-focused learning and development services. These services include needs assessment; program development, facilitation and evaluation; and train the trainer efforts. Our principal, Timothy Redmond, is a human resources professional with over 20 years of experience.

We believe that success in business comes from combining superior technical skills with in-depth industry and company knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills.

Timothy Redmond & Associates believe in:

We recognize that time away from the desk is a luxury few feel they can afford. For that reason, we believe in getting to the point or on our participants’ “radar” as quickly as possible. Our programs are designed to quickly establish instructor credibility, encourage participants to interact with content, and to do so in an efficient manner. Our workshops vary in duration from ˝ day to 2 days, depending on the topic. We are flexible enough to break full day sessions into 2 half days sessions, conduct morning or afternoon sessions, depending on participants’ needs, and have even conducted late afternoon/evening sessions when needed.